Traveling abroad? Wow, who doesn’t want to, especially those who like to travel? For me, being able to travel abroad is like a dream. It took years to dare to make it happen. Yup finally in December 2016 I decided to go to Singapore and Malaysia. Everything is all impromptu, starting from booking flight tickets and hotels, even I have not had time to find information about these two countries. But fortunately, I have a kind-hearted friend from the same village as me and she works in Singapore.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pick you up at the airport, tell me what terminal you’re getting off at, I’ll let Richard pick you up later. I also have a day off tomorrow so we can take a walk around Singapore.” she said.

December 24, 2016, was the first day I set foot at SOETA (Soekarno Hatta) airport. Look here and there, confused!!!!
Well, you know what, I’m just a villager (hahaha) I mean this is was my first experience so you know what I mean right. At Terminal 1 C, I waited for 2 of my friends from Lampung, that’s because 2 of my friends from Lampung wanted to join backpackers to Singapore and Malaysia.

15.45 pm

” Ring … ring “. (my phone beeps)
“Hello Assalamualaikum, where are you put? We have just arrived. “
“Wa’alaikum salam, I’m already at terminal 1 C here, where are you den?” I asked Deni
“I’m with Ega in a way to out, just wait near the exit door,” said Denny.
and after a few minutes of waiting, they finally appeared from the exit door.
“Woi, hurry up, we have to go to terminal 2E, because we haven’t checked in yet, see what time it is, if you’re late you can’t check in again”.
Well, let’s hurry over there already?
what ride is this?
“Just take the shuttle bus, let’s wait there”.. Ega replied while pointing at the shuttle bus stop.
And finally, the three of us headed to terminal 2 E using the shuttle bus (the shuttle bus is free, you know)

To be continue ….. ( I’m still lazy to write and remember my first travel )